29 08 2010

Chromium-extensions popup onunload or onbeforeunload

bigCat Posted in beatWife - Comment.isBlank

http://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/group/chromium-extensions/browse_thread/thread/cc6673d8e47a9bf4/06b9ab24ff5ac7e5?pli=1\r\n\r\nAntony Sargent \r\nView profile \r\n More options Apr 7, 5:55 am\r\nActually for your case, there are two approaches you might take: \r\n1) Use the messaging APIs to set up a Port between the popup and background \r\npage. You then should get a onDisconnect event in the background page when \r\nthe popup goes away. \r\n2) Have the background dispatch events using chrome.extension.getViews() - \r\nif there is a popup in the list, you use the DOMWindow handle to call a \r\nfunction in the popup directly. \r\n

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