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11 04 2014

手机QQ Webview UserAgent

bigCat Posted in Apple, Android - 0 Comment
exports.iOS = /(iPad|iPhone|iPod).*?QQ/g.test(ua);\ = /\bV1_AND_SQ_/.test(ua);\n


13 03 2014

android:gravity 和 android:layout_gravity 区别

bigCat Posted in Android - 0 Comment

android:gravity 定义子元素对齐方式类似于 css 里的 text-align\nandroid:layout_gravity 定义本身相对于父元素定位 类似于 css 里的 float


18 08 2013

adb shell error: unknown host service

bigCat Posted in Android - 2 Comments

C:\Users\bigCat>adb shell\r\nadb server is out of date. killing...\r\nADB server didn't ACK\r\n* failed to start daemon *\r\nerror: unknown host service\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n有可能是豌豆荚的俩进程\r\n\r\n也有可能是腾讯的 tadb.exe\r\n\r\n占用了端口,妈蛋

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