17 04 2011

Setting up Zend Optimizer on Media Temple (dv)

bigCat Posted in Linux - for Comments = 2

http://www.thesourcelounge.com/web-servers/mediatemple-dv-zend-optimizer\r\n\r\nSo I recently had an upgrade on a client server from Media Temple. They had a gs account and was upgraded to a dedicated server. Sounds great? Well the first thing I ran into was that their admin no longer worked since it used Zend Optimizer for some of the plugins. Media Temple (dv) uses ion cube. Oh shit…\r\nSo I decided to list my steps for getting zend optimizer on a dv sever in case anyone else needed it.\r\n\r\nYou will need to ssh into your account. I like putty for ssh, you can get it here.\r\n\r\n1) Go to Zend official site. http://www.zend.com/\r\n2) Find and download the Zend Optimizer 3.3. I am using the 3.3.3 package.\r\n3) Download it directly to your server.\r\nwget http://downloads.zend.com/optimizer/3.3.3/ZendOptimizer-3.3.3-linux-glibc23-i386.tar.gz\r\n4) Decompress it.\r\ntar xvfz ZendOptimizer-3.3.3-linux-glibc23-i386.tar.gz\r\n5)Move to the new folder and install.\r\n cd ZendOptimizer-3.3.3-linux-glibc23-i386\r\n./install\r\n\r\n6. Follow the steps to install.\r\n\r\n7. After the installation, you will notice some new lines in your php.ini file.\r\ncd /etc\r\nvi php.ini\r\n\r\n8. Comment out all of the new Zend lines. (generally at the very end of the .ini file).\r\n


\r\n9. Now we will disable ioncube.\r\n/etc/php.d/\r\nvi ioncube-loader.ini\r\n\r\n10. comment out the line\r\nzend_extension=/usr/lib/php/php_ioncube_loader_lin.so\r\n\r\nand replace with your zend optimizer lines\r\n\r\nzend_extension=/usr/local/Zend/lib/Optimizer-3.3.3/php-5.2.x/ZendOptimizer.so\r\nzend_optimizer.optimization_level=15\r\n\r\nNow save your .ini file and restart apache.\r\nService httpd restart\r\n\r\nYou should set up a phpinfo file to test that you have successfully installed Zend Optimizer.\r\nI am sure there are many ways of doing this, but this is what worked for me on a MediaTemple 3.5(dv) server. Hope it helps someone else too!

  1. (mt) Sara says:

    First of all, I love your title font. Secondly, thanks for the informative post. Might you consider contributing to the (mt) Wiki? If so, check out how to do so here: \r\n\r\nhttp://wiki.mediatemple.net/w/Contribute

  2. U says:

    Nice guide bigCat. Haven't tried Zend Optimizer yet. But I guess I'll try it after reading your article. Media Temple or (mt) is really great.

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